Awards evening and Gala

On Friday 17th February, there will be an Awards evening followed by a Gala to celebrate the International Conference for Africa.

The Awards evening will start at 19.00 at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. These trophies aim at rewarding an event, an admirable act or a person.

Then from 21.00, the Gala will start with a show and a meal in the magnificient reception room 25 m from the ground in one of the most beautiful settings of Lyon.

List of Awards for the International Conference for Africa

The Award for Land Development for the State which has done the most for housing and land development. Land development is composed of all actions led by public actors working on a given territory, creating a landscape and helping its development.

The Award Education for Africa is the most modern educational project of the year. Education is one of the biggest stakes in Africa today to build the Africa of tomorrow. This award is to reward any relevant educational work for the African continent.

The Emergence Award will be given to the State which has worked the most towards economic growth. Economic development refers to any positive evolution as regards structural changes of a geographical area or population: demographic, technical, industrial, health, cultural, social changes...which may lead to a healthier population and improved living conditions.

The Energy Award will be given for Energy development in Africa.

The Award for the African company of the year (business registered in Africa with at least 50 % of its capital from one of more African actors)  which has experienced the biggest growth this year.

The Gaia Award, for Water and Sustainable development, for the most ambitious or modern project of the year.

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