Diplomatic seminar

Conferences and round tables

This conference will be led by professors from African, European, American and Asian universities and it is open to students since this event is dedicated to them as they are the deciders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow .

Business schools, Engineering schools, Universities, French and African Research centres will also be invited to observe and participate to given conferences. The aim is to make world research and to provide good foundations for scholar production based on sharing.


African Conference on Diplomacy, Protocol and Public Relations

The International Conference for Africa will take place on 17th and 18th February in Halle Tony Garnier de Lyon. Cabinet DESFORGES CONSULTING INTERNATIONAL and the IPPRB network (International Protocol and Public Relations Board) will take part in the event to help organise the First African conference on Diplomacy, Protocol and Public Relations.

After 2 days of exchange at Halle Tony Garnier, an international training workshop will take place from 20th to 24th Feb, also in Lyon but on a different site.

The three themes of the Conference will be dealt with during the training workshops :

·         Improving the Protocol Officer

·         Public Relations and Political Communication

·         Negotiation and Mediation

The main 3 speakers will be Ambassador Jean Koffi WOAKE (former Director of the State Protocol for Togo), Sir Benoit de Valicourt (France) and Sir Mathias DIARRA (former Director of the State Protocol for the Mali Ambassy in France).

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